’80s Fantasy Movies Are Awesomely Cheesy

In the 1980s the fantasy genre achieved unprecedented popularity with the release of films such as Labyrinth, The NeverEnding Story, Ladyhawke, and Time Bandits. Science fiction author Matthew Kressel says he loves watching classic fantasy movies like Krull, in spite of the slow pacing and dated special effects. “I know it’s really cheesy, and corny […]

‘Metroid Dread’ Is Let Down by Its Boring Robot Villains

Robot design tends to fall into one of two camps. In the first, they look like us; in the second, they look like tools, their bodies molded toward a particular function. And like tools, this second camp of robots—the smartphones of the robot universe—have tended to look very similar and require some thought on the […]

The 9 Best Projectors: Short Throw, Portable, Low Latency, and More

There’s nothing like watching your favorite films in a dark room on a massive screen. For that authentic movie theater experience at home, you’ll need a projector (and a popcorn maker). You used to have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get an excellent projected experience, but you can now get a […]